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3674 Carrs Station Road
Sparta, Georgia



Daily Life & Process

Megan Fowler

Lovely photographs by Paige Beasley & introduction by Beth Ables accompany a "day in the life" I was asked to share with Trouvé Magazine. Life as a mother, farmer, and maker is a daily balancing act I wouldn't trade for anything.  

Often times, simple is the most beautiful. Something made with time and skilled hands brings the most satisfaction to both the maker and the collector. There is richness in a handmade life that cannot be recreated by a machine or purchased through a drive through window. It takes dirt on boots and ink on fingers to know that the mess that is created is one that is personal and just the thing. Letterpress printing is tangible. Each run through the press leaves not just a color behind, but also an indentation, a mark that nudges an elbow reminder: someone made this. Not a machine, a person. There is care and intention in each page.
— Beth Ables


Megan Fowler

We're excited to be mentioned alongside some other great artists in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Take a look at our 2014 "Take Root" calendar for "month-at-a-glance elegance." This calendar is an ode to farming and food. Each month features seasonal farm produce from fennel and leeks to okra and watermelon.

Hand-printed on 100% cotton paper, 7" x 7"

Perennial Calendar From Saipua and Brown Parcel Press

Megan Fowler

The interconnectedness of the creative community is endlessly inspiring, indeed. Thanks to Grace Bonney at Design Sponge for the kind words about our Perennial calendar. 

We had been fans of Sarah Ryhanen’s stunning work at Saipua for some time, and then were so moved by her answers in this profile that we decided to reach out to her about collaborating. To our excitement, Brown Parcel Press & Saipua ended up working together on a limited-edition calendar featuring six detailed, colorful letterpress prints inspired by Saipua's seasonal floral arrangements. Our goal at Brown Parcel Press was to make a calendar that could function as art in someone's home long after the calendar year, so each print was designed to stand alone as well as reflect the month on the page. 

The Perennial calendar is available right here on our site and at Saipua's store in Brooklyn.

No Small Measure: Collaboration with Poet Christopher DeWeese

Megan Fowler

No Small Measure is a collaborative portfolio of letterpress printed broadsides organized by artist Margot Ecke, curator Beth Sale and poet Ezekiel Black, with support from the University of North Georgia Art Galleries and the Forsyth County Arts Alliance. Fifteen poets were paired with fifteen artists, and each pair was asked to create a letterpress printed broadside. I was thrilled to be paired with poet Christopher DeWeese. 

Visit Smokey Road Press to read about our experience working together on this project and how we created a composition that evokes the feelings and imagery of DeWeese's poem, "Deadly."