Sharing our point of view


what's it all for?

Whew... yep, getting existential right off the bat. But, why shouldn't I? I am investing my time, energy, sleep, and love into this company and you in turn are investing your hard earned money, time, and energy into this company too so there are a lot of resources at stake. It is crucial to me that I know exactly why I am choosing to devote my resources to this dream, and I want to be totally transparent about it. 

The bottom line is that I have an insatiable itch to create, to make things with my hands, and to do my best interpreting the things that stop me in my tracks with their beauty. By honoring that beauty and that grace it makes me feel alive and connected not just to this world, but to the people that inhabit it that may have felt that same emotion from looking at something similar. I have been so positively impacted in my life by people who have dared to create things and share their works in the hopes that it has significant human value.

The other force anchoring this business and fueling my drive is my love for my family. By choosing this path I have been able to teach my mom a trade that I love that she now enjoys with me. My two daughters watch us working together while we switch between printing and taking care of them. We are able to share lunches together and take turns wiping away tears after knee scrapes. My husband, dad, brothers, and in laws have all supported me with their hearts and energy and that kind of love is the kind of love that blows air under your wings on the days when you feel like you're wearing cement shoes. I'm not a risk taker, but choosing to breathe life into this dream, even if it means I sometimes sacrifice more traditional values and securities is my way of being brave and leading a life based in love. I can't thank you enough for sharing this dream with me.

- Megan Fowler, designer & founder