Daily Life & Process

Lovely photographs by Paige Beasley & introduction by Beth Ables accompany a "day in the life" I was asked to share with Trouvé Magazine. Life as a mother, farmer, and maker is a daily balancing act I wouldn't trade for anything.  

Often times, simple is the most beautiful. Something made with time and skilled hands brings the most satisfaction to both the maker and the collector. There is richness in a handmade life that cannot be recreated by a machine or purchased through a drive through window. It takes dirt on boots and ink on fingers to know that the mess that is created is one that is personal and just the thing. Letterpress printing is tangible. Each run through the press leaves not just a color behind, but also an indentation, a mark that nudges an elbow reminder: someone made this. Not a machine, a person. There is care and intention in each page.

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