Embrace Sunshine

With April coming to an end, we took a moment to reflect on the last four weeks. Oftentimes, we’re so focused on what’s ahead that we can forget to pause and reflect. Below, each member of our team at Brown Parcel Press shared a brief reflection and response to a few prompts...

  1. Of the photos you took this month, which one was your favorite and why?
  2. What did you embrace (or choose to embrace) this month?
  3. Sunshine tastes like….  / feels like....

From Megan, our creative director

1) I see this photo and smile —a bear sunbathing. In it, I see my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal, loved and worn from 8 years of snuggles, sick days on the couch, car trips across state lines, adventures in the garden, and here he is all of these years later still so deeply loved. A silent witness to our days he has earned this moment of peace, the sun on his fur, the ocean sounds tickling his ears. His contentment mirrors how I feel, well-worn after over a year of pandemic living, but still able to receive the simple blessing of sunshine, remembering that it’s a friend and a salve for worry and responsibility. We all need to be held by someone who draws comfort from our just existing, and we all hope that we can be that source of comfort to someone else. A cycle of love and sunshine penetrating the worry and weight of existence.

2) This month I chose to embrace imperfection with BOTH arms!

3) Sunshine tastes like the gooey center of a dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel


From Gaëlle, printer extraordinaire (and Megan's mother)

1 & 2) I have started to make pies lately. A new pie a week. And it has been a very hands on, delightful new habit. A shared moment while making it and eating somethimg new. How will it taste? How can I become better at making the crust? Plus this was made at the beach for a dinner with friends.

3) Sunshine especially after a rainy day or a rainy winter puts things back in perspective sort of. It gives us energy and hope, freshness and possibilities. That is what sunshine feels like.


Katherine, director of operations

1) My father gave us potatoes earlier this month to plant in our garden and they are thriving. He is an avid and wonderful gardener. I love this photo because it captures the growing potato plants from my dad and the new garden gate my husband made from recycled crepe myrtle branches trimmed in our yard. 

3) Sunshine tastes like a glass of strong home brewed iced tea made from the fresh mint growing in our garden. I love the velvety feel of the leaves and subtle green tint of the water. I put a bunch in our french press and let it steep. Maybe stir in some honey if I'm feeling fancy.

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I was so happy to read about all of you and find that you are a little like the fantasies of what all of you might be like that inhabited the back of my head. Country’s important, I said to myself, and so is balance, and beauty and personal observation….Now I know that you are an original and wonderful group of women. Hello!

I love your work, all of it and send your cards out to special friends on special occasions and they are always, always appreciated. Thank you, Linda Aaron

Linda Barnes-Aaron April 28, 2021

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