Home.Made Packaging Design

(All photos by Kristen Bach for Home.Made From Scratch)
(All photos by Kristen Bach for Home.Made From Scratch)

We don't really talk about it much on the site, but a lot of the work I do each day is commission design work. Graphic design isn't something I went to school for, but design is such a huge part of our own work, and I've been plugging away and honing in on my style for almost 9 years now. Most of our clients come from word of mouth, and I always love creating things for people that I know and respect. This past Spring we were approached by Home.Made From Scratch, one of our favorite eating spots in Athens, GA, to help them design the packaging for a snack line they're releasing for sale this Fall. Mimi, the chef, owner, & mastermind, behind Home.Made does such a wonderful job of being playful and creative with Southern classics. The flavors are nostalgic, but they always taste way better than you remembered them tasting growing up.

The labels went through a good number of iterations, but I think both she and I love the end product! With most of our branding and design work, I begin the same way I do with all of our own paper goods- I start with a hand drawn illustration. Making the patterns for the top of each of these boxes was my favorite part. The last image is a digital sample of one of the patterns so you can get an idea of what things look like on my end before everything is put together and printed.

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