The Monica: Greenhouse Print 08

The eighth print in our Greenhouse series is called 'The Monica' and features an illustration of Canna Lilies (which psssst…. aren’t actually lilies at all). It was inspired by a photo from Monica P. a landscape architect out of Modesto, California. Her image featured a grouping of Canna Lillies standing tall, but there was one that stood out in particular— eye-catching, bold, a garden daredevil in its prime, and we just couldn’t resist trying to convey its beautiful presence.


I’ve heard someone describe Cannas as the exclamation points of the garden, and to me they’re a telltale sign that summer is here. It’s foliage and blooms don’t feel the need to apologize for exactly what they are or aren’t, and as an introvert, I greatly admire them for that outward display of confidence.


We feel like if the Canna Lilly could talk, it would tell us to put on some flamenco and red lipstick and pour ourselves a tall glass of sangria. At least that’s how we feel when we spot them blooming around the farm. We can imagine them whispering, “Now is the time for hard work and hard play. The seasons for rest will be here soon enough so live it up”! We believe this print is the perfect celebration to mark the transition from Summer to Fall as the seasons begin to shift.

And with Summer cozying up to Fall, we find ourselves appreciating those distinct moments available to us in this season of abundance. The final ripe juicy tomatoes off the vine, that good ol’ Georgia humidity that hangs in the air even on “cool” mornings, and the feeling of electricity in the air during the late afternoon summer thunderstorms that bring water to the soil and creek beds in the woods behind our house. At the same time, we notice the daylight hours shortening, the grass not needing to be cut as frequently, and colors changing in the vines wrapped round some of the trees outside.

We hope your senses are staying open to the shifts taking place around you and that you continue to share them with us!

Monica's photo submission of the Canna Lily for the Greenhouse print series.

About the Print

This print has two custom colors. One color = one run.

  1. A bright, bold Canna Lily flower

  2. And a dark brown stem


Once we finish printing all of the colors, the paper is carefully trimmed down to the final 8” x 10” size. Next, the first copy of the 50 limited edition letterpress print is carefully wrapped, packaged, and mailed to Monica! We could not be more grateful for the technologies and platforms that allow us to connect especially during these times of social distancing. As the first edition of ‘The Monica’ travels via snail mail about 2,500 miles from our studio to its namesake on the other side of the country, we can’t help but wonder what plant or flower beauty we’ll be printing next month!


With love and gratitude,

-The Brown Parcel Press Team

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