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Article: The Samantha: Greenhouse Print 05

The Samantha: Greenhouse Print 05

The Samantha: Greenhouse Print 05


When we launched this project back in January I don’t think any of us could have predicted how drastically our daily routines would shift since we launched this collaborative community inspired project, and when Samantha reached out with her email submission, she beautifully expressed what we’ve been feeling in our inner most being about this project, our houseplants, and flowers on the table:


“A vase of flowers really does feel like a prayer these days.”


Samantha’s image with all the components we value — family, story, connection and beauty — made us break our own rules and select not one, but two, submissions for the month of April! As the mother, maker, and author behind Down Home blog, Samantha shared that these tulips are the first flowers of Spring that she’s been able to put into a vase in her brick house in Dalton, Ohio. With the dramatic coloring of the flowers, the sweet cup of orange juice just waiting patiently on the table for tiny hands, and the vase made by one of our favorite ceramics makers, East Fork we were happy to take on the challenge of translating this scene to letterpress.


Come to find out, the East Fork vase was a housewarming gift Samantha received from her siblings after she bought her grandmother’s home after she passed away. She said, “The vase is very special to me, but not as special as the flowers themselves. To me, nothing is more special than living things.” We couldn’t agree more, and are so excited to share this Greenhouse print with you. ‘The Samantha’ is the fifth print in our Greenhouse series. This print has eight custom colors that we printed on our Vandercook printing press one color at a time.


The first flowers of Spring that I’ve been able to put into a vase, in my spot of Ohio. Parrot tulips. I think that’s what they’re called. Flower farmers really are heroes, no? Plus a cup of orange juice for my daughter, Rosemary.

-Samantha S., Ohio


Samantha’s photo of her floral arrangement submitted to the Greenhouse project via email. Submit your email submissions to
Samantha’s photo of her floral arrangement submitted to the Greenhouse project via email. Submit your email submissions to

Finding all of the colors in a letterpress print can sometimes feel like a Where’s Waldo search. See if you can find them all in the print:

  1. A bright red parrot tulip

  2. Some darker red tips thrown in for depth

  3. Light yellow petals that make a background for the dramatic red

  4. Spring green stems

  5. A steadfast blue East Fork vase

  6. With an earthen clay base

  7. & A Soft blue juice glass

  8. Filled with some vibrantly tangy orange juice


Once we finish printing all of the colors, the paper is carefully trimmed down to the final 8” x 10” size. Next, the first copy of the 50 limited edition letterpress print is carefully wrapped, packaged, and mailed to Samantha! We could not be more grateful for the technologies and platforms that allow us to connect especially during these times of social distancing. As the first edition of ‘The Samantha’ travels via snail mail some 682 miles from our studio to its namesake, we can’t help but wonder where we’ll be sending the next Greenhouse print to next month :)

Stay safe, stay connected, and we’ll leave you with one last thought from Richard Rohr:

Everything is holy for those who have learned how to see.

Now, more than ever, thank you for sharing your sacred moments with us.

-The Brown Parcel Press Team


Enjoy a few sneak peeks of “The Samantha” print coming to life!


Join the project!

It’s super simple. Just tag your plant + flower photos on Instagram using #bppgreenhouse for a chance to be featured as the Greenhouse letterpress print!

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