The Secret Catalog

Earlier this year we were asked to contribute to the first Winter Edition of one of our favorite projects: The Secret Catalog. I have been so inspired by the collection of artists and makers that have been included in past collections that I suffered from creative brain freeze for a month or two. I was scared that what we would come up with wouldn't live up to my expectations. After some failed ideas and illustrations I landed on three different letterpress goods: two large prints and a holiday card (shown above). I wanted to make a card that would feel festive, but wouldn't run you over with good cheer, just nudge you in the right direction I suppose. Pine is the main industry in our county so I'm constantly surrounded by pines. It's a humble tree that has a special sensory tie for most folks. A pine forest in winter can feel like a quiet refuge.

These goods were made exclusively for The Secret Catalog, so head on over there if you're interested in seeing their whole collection and the our other contributions!

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