Botanical & Pattern Set

Botanical & Pattern Set


The best of both worlds… 3 cards featuring our botanical illustrations and 3 cards featuring our letterpress patterns. We design our cards hoping that they’re like your favorite pair of jeans. They go with everything and you send (well wear as far as the jeans are concerned) them for any occasion. Have fun thinking up which members of your friends and family are the right fit for each card!

Interested in Less Plastic in Your Life?: Traditionally we’ve offered all of our boxed card sets in a plastic box. We’ve decided to also begin offering a plastic free packaging option, and we now have our card sets available wrapped in cotton fabric instead of plastic. Just enter “cotton wrapping” or “less waste” at checkout if you’re interested in going the non-plastic route. Thanks!

  • Letterpress Printed

  • 100% Premium Cotton Paper

  • Blank Interior

  • 6 Biscuit Colored Envelopes

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