Market Card in Tomato Sandwich

Market Card in Tomato Sandwich

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There are two schools of thought in the tomato sandwich world:

1) white bread, mayonnaise, tomato, salt, and pepper

2) toasted artisanal loaf, garlic aioli, tomato, pink himalayan sea salt, coarsely cracked peppercorns, and a pinch of basil on each slice

But whether you go highbrow or lowbrow with your tomato sandwich tastes I think we can all agree… it’s hard to beat a tomato sandwich in the Summer!

This card comes with its own letterpress and watercolor tomato sandwich inside so your pen pal can always have one close at hand.

This set comes wrapped in 100% cotton, reusable wrapping.

  • Letterpress Printed

  • 100% Premium Cotton Paper

  • Blank Interior

  • Sand Colored Envelope

  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 4.875”

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