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2024 Calendar + Skeleton Clip

Sale price$50.00

This set includes 1 letterpress calendar & 1 skeleton clip for display.

This calendar is paired with a 2" metal skeleton clip that complements the minimalist simplicity of our calendar. The clip can also be used for hanging small and large prints, cards, photographs, or maybe even that beautiful branch you found on your walk around the neighborhood. Simply use a tack or nail to hang this clip to your wall. Now you’re all set to display whatever makes you smile in 2024 & beyond.

Sun Days is our 2024 calendar, and we think she’s a beauty! It was created as a joyful reminder that there is magic in all of the little details and simple pleasures of life—the ones we can experience daily just by tuning in to our senses. This calendar is not just about gorgeous flowers, sweet melons, jewel-colored hummingbirds and buttery plates of pasta (although they’re in there!). It is a nudge to remember that we don't get second chances at a single day let alone a single moment. We are all active participants in this wonderful gift of life, so why not truly savor it? Here’s to going outside, growing more flowers, and sharing more meals!