La Vieille Dame Card


Part of our Little Women, Big Women Collaboration with State the Label. This limited edition letterpress card features La Vielille Dame and was designed by Gaëlle. This card is from a stationery set that is unlike any we’ve seen (or even created) before so if you’d like to take a deeper dive to learn more about the how and why behind it you can read more in our blog post here.

The insert for this card reads: “Every year I make a trip back home to France. Every year I observe, in awe, a few very old ladies walking on their own, most of them with their backs bent down. They carry a grocery bag or two, and I think: “What these women portray is survival, ‘malgré tout’, they are still able to get out of their house and go to the grocery store. Alone, yes, but self-sufficient, and not in a nursing home.” I admire those women. They inspire me. They have a will to survive. Their road is getting closer to the end. They carry on those (often bent) shoulders and back so much life. I want to be one of them down the road, one day.”     -Gaëlle Boling, Age 66

  • Letterpress Printed, sold as a single or a set of 6

  • A2 Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"

  • 100% Premium Cotton Paper

  • Blank Interior w/ Vellum Insert

  • White Envelope with Blue and Pink Patterned Liner 

  • Plastic-Free Packaging Option (see below)

Interested in Less Plastic in Your Life?: We now offer our card sets wrapped in cotton instead of plastic. Just enter “cotton wrapping” or “less waste” at checkout if you’re interested in going the non-plastic route. Thanks!


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