Always Print (3 Color Choices)

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Letterpress printed on handmade paper, The Always Print contains the words “I will always be your child. You will always be my mother. Forever and Always." and each signed print comes with a letterpress card that includes the full story of how this print came to be (see photo for entire text). The card is wrapped in another sheet of beautiful, deep green, handmade abaca paper with the word ALWAYS embossed on the front.

The Inspiration for the Print:

The best part about what we do is creating pieces that allow us to feel connected to others. A few weeks back, as my mom and I were cooking dinner and discussing motherhood, I shared a story with her about a tender moment of realization I had tucking my own daughter, Emolyn, into bed. She was going through a phase where she was concerned that I might not always be around:

‘What will happen when you’re gone?’, Emolyn wondered.

It was a powerful moment for me because it led me to an understanding that has helped me feel more rooted in the universal truth of what it is to be a mother. Whether you are a biological mother, an adoptive mother, and/or a chosen mother you are tied to your child for eternity— no one and nothing can take that bond away from the two of you. What a powerful, love affirming fact.

This is a simple print, with so much care put into it, and just the right details. We hope it will be one that you can share with your mother so that she can be reminded of your connection daily.

  • Letterpress Printed on Handmade Abaca

  • Each Color is a Limited Edition of 6

  • Dimensions: Print: 5.5” x 8.5”, Card: 4.5” x 6.25”

  • A Choice of Three Colors (Sunshine, Blue Mountain, or Garden Rose )

  • A print for mothers, by mothers.

  • Dimensions 6” x 9”

  • This Year's Cover is a Framable Letterpress Print

  • Handmade on a Farm in Rural Georgia

  • Made by Brown Parcel Press, a women owned, small business.

  • Printed on Sustainable 100% Cotton Paper

  • Ships in a Protective Sleeve

  • Pre-Orders will Ship in early November

How do I display my calendar?

This is one of the number one questions we get asked … so, we answered it by creating a custom wooden base stand that can be used to hold small prints or photos long after 2022 is gone. We also offer metal skeleton wall clips that can be used for hanging small and large prints, cards, photographs, or maybe even that beautiful branch you found on your walk around the neighborhood. New this year, magnetic wooden frames complement the minimalist simplicity of our calendars and allow you to easily change the calendar page each and every month. You can explore all Display options here

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