The Samantha Print


“A vase of flowers really does feel like a prayer these days.” When Samantha emailed us her submission for the April #bppgreenhouse, this line made our hearts skip a beat — just like the stunning photo of her Parrot tulips. This image with all the components of family, story, connection and beauty tied in made us break our own rules and select not one, but two, submissions for the month of April! As the mother, maker, and author behind Down Home blog, Samantha shared that these tulips are the first flowers of Spring that she’s been able to put into a vase in her brick house in Dalton, Ohio. The East Fork Pottery egg vase was a housewarming gift from her siblings when she bought her grandmother’s house after she passed away and the cup of orange juice was for her daughter, Rosemary.

‘The Samantha’ is the fifth print in our Greenhouse series (we cheated and chose 2 prints for April!) and is based off of a submission from Samantha S. in Dalton, Ohio. This print has eight custom colors that we print on our Vandercook printing press one color at a time.

  • Letterpress Printed on 100% Cotton Paper

  • Inspired by Samantha of Dalton, Ohio

  • Limited edition of 50

  • Dimensions: 8” x 10”

  • Part of the Greenhouse Series. Read more about it here

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