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2023 Calendar: Garden Party + Wooden Frame

Sale price$60.00

This set includes 1 Garden Party Calendar & 1 Wooden Frame (select color below)

Here our calendar is paired with a wooden magnetic frame creating a beautiful, simple, and effortless way to hang your calendar. By using magnets, you can change out the artwork whenever you please! The frame comes with three string options for you to choose from or change out depending on what art work you are displaying. Handcrafted in the USA from raw solid oak lumber, these wooden frames complement the minimalist simplicity of our calendars. Choose from either a natural oak or walnut stain.

Garden Party is our 2023 calendar, and we think she’s a beauty! It was created as a joyful reminder that there is power in sharing— sharing beauty, sharing food, and sharing stories. This calendar is not just about gorgeous flowers, buttery corn, bright radishes and juicy watermelons (although they’re in there!). It is a nudge to remember each other’s humanity & celebrate our differences!  We are all active participants in this wonderful gift of life, so why not enjoy it together? Here’s to going outside, growing more flowers, and sharing more meals!

  • Each frame includes four 6" sticks, two that clamp the top of the art work and two that clamp the bottom.
  • Strong magnets allow you to easily change out the art whenever you want.
  • Includes 3 string options: faux leather cord, brown jute twine, and white cotton twine.
  • Due to natural wood variations, finished stained wood color can vary. 
Choose your frame: