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Article: The Marger: Greenhouse Print 02

The Marger: Greenhouse Print 02

The Marger: Greenhouse Print 02


It’s been a long, rainy February here in Georgia and now that we’re well into March (which also started out rather rainy), we’ve seriously been craving some sweet sunshine. It only seems appropriate that the botanical arrangement for this month’s Greenhouse print comes from a sunroom up in the far northern part of the state of Vermont. In the midst of Winter, this gem of an arrangement is a delightful treat… full of hope and the promise of Spring ahead, yet grounding and accepting of the current moment and season it’s in….

For our second Greenhouse Series print, we selected a photo submitted by Marger of Irasburg, Vermont using the #bppgreenhouse hashtag. Her botanical arrangement immediately drew us in with its multitude of greens, pop of pink in a single, bold Anthurium, and depth of vision with the clear, stunning vase. Also, we learned that Marger is a flower farmer herself….how cool is that?! So without further ado, let us take a moment to share the heart behind ‘The Marger’ – the newest Greenhouse Series letterpress print.


“The flowers and the plants I used for the arrangement were grown in our house's sunroom in Vermont. We are flower farmers and with the dormant land right now having our plants thriving inside it's a big treat for the senses. That arrangement is still on my counter table, the plants are rooting and the flowers are happy.”

-Marger M., Vermont @marflowerpower

Marger’s original photo of her botanical arrangement submitted to the Greenhouse project using #bppgreenhouse on Instagram.  @marflowerpower
Marger’s original photo of her botanical arrangement submitted to the Greenhouse project using #bppgreenhouse on Instagram. @marflowerpower

After selecting the photo (no easy feat!), Megan began designing the illustration (keep scrolling to see the design progression below!) and working through color options and variations. After the plates arrived from New York, we started printing the design on our 100% cotton, soft and luxurious paper. This print has six colors which means it was hand run through our Vandercook SP20 Letterpress a total of six times for each print! One run = one color.

This print has six colors:

  1. A rich dark green

  2. Soft milky blue grey vase

  3. Eucalyptus green

  4. Light yellow green

  5. Muted pink petals

  6. Darker pink finish for the Anthurium

After that, the paper is carefully trimmed down to the final 8” x 10” size. Finally, for the most exciting part, we carefully wrapped and packaged the first copy of the 50 limited edition letterpress print and mailed it to Marger! How amazing is it that social media allows us to connect with another human being, share our love for house plants and flowers, and the ultimately, ship a letterpress print 1,204 miles away to a flower farmer in the state of Vermont?!!

In these times, more than ever, we are committed to sharing simple joys, encouraging words, and plain beauty in the best way we know how — thru letterpress prints & cards. Thank you for joining us and being a part of this story and community.


Enjoy a few sneak peeks of “The Marger” print coming to life!


Join the project!

It’s super simple. Just tag your plant + flower photos on Instagram using #bppgreenhouse for a chance to be featured as the Greenhouse letterpress print!

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