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Article: We're in This Together

We're in This Together

We're in This Together


March 31st. The wisteria is in full bloom as are the bright pink and purple azaleas. We’ve cut the grass for the first time this season and planted a few vegetables in the garden. I’m already dreaming about that caprese salad featuring a homegrown, sun-kissed big ol’ juicy tomato… 

I don’t think anyone could have predicted, just a month ago on February 29th, the world we currently find ourselves in. Social distancing is the norm, as are layoffs, medical supply shortages, school closings, and so much more. Now that I think of it, from where I stood on the crowded sidewalk along Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia cheering on the most talented endurance runners in America as they ran 26.2 miles competing for the top three spots in the 2020 Olympic Trials, a global pandemic and economic shut down were certainly the last thing on my mind.


Nonetheless, tomorrow we all flip the calendar and just like that, it will be April. A fresh start, perhaps? An opportunity to choose to say YES.


Yes to —

whatever you need in this time and space,

an uncertain time and space… where despite being called to be socially distant and physically separated,

we are in this together. 


Over the weekend, I listened to a podcast by the Center for Action and Contemplation called “Thoughts on Solidarity and Self-Care in Uncertain Times” by Christopher Heuertz, author of The Sacred Enneagram. You can listed to the podcast here, but I also wanted to share a quote from his talk that has stuck with me…

“The Earth is crying out right now, the Earth is reminding us that we are about to enter a new season. Even these little buds remind us that the seasons are changing. They remind us of new life. They remind us of the inevitably of change, and change brings with it newness. As so, as we are experiencing a phase of uncertainty, let us collectively welcome the possibility of a new ‘we,’ that together we will be better versions of ourselves, and collectively a better version of humanity.” -Christopher Heuertz



Just like the wisteria will bloom for the month of March, following a radish harvest in February, so too will the spring onions come forth in all their glory and grace in April. As 2020 unfolds, I find I have so much to learn as I am continually reminded of and seek comfort in the truth that there is a ‘Spring After Winter.’ The cycles and seasons of nature remind us of the ebb and flow, coming and going, and the consistency and assurance of just one thing: change. 

Change can be a beautiful thing...when I accept it for what it is and remember that I am not in control (which is definitely a good thing!). I’ve been writing a letter each morning at my desk as I drink my coffee. [For more letter writing inspiration, read our previous post “Let’s Write Letters.”] As I look at all of the pieces of paper in my letter writing jar, I find comfort knowing that each one of those slips of paper hold a name of someone dear to me and that he or she too at this very moment is experiencing change. We are in this together. And we can, even in this time, find a place for silver linings, deeper connections, and newness. Let’s bravely step into that space together this new month, shall we? We’ll do everything we can to help.

Big hugs, 

The Brown Parcel Press Team

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