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This Must Be THE PLACE

Our quiet little corner of the internet. With so many emails competing for your inbox attention, we try to keep our missives uplifting, impactful, to the point, and never too frequent. Being email buddies is a privilege!


it's summer

what's your stationery


fresh designs &

fresh baguettes


with us, it's about

quality over quantity


We created this pre-divided grocery list to set you up for grocery store success. Less stress in the kitchen = happier bellies & more time to savor!


Taking over 1,000 hours to create, it's no wonder our customers come back each year to snag one. The 2025 edition releases in September.


Our 100% linen tea towels are the perfect union of form and function. Absorbent, beautiful, and soft, you'll use them everyday.

Did you know

All of our letterpress paper goods have to be printed one color at time? That means that this particular card was run through our press 5 separate times. That's a lot of printing!

make it extra

You can add a little something extra to your stationery game by selecting your own colored envelopes and patterned liners. We encourage you to mix and match and get playful!

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Once Upon A Time...

We were farmers. A lot of the imagery you will find in our work is inspired by our love for the natural world and our connection to it.