Brown Parcel Press is a small letterpress and design shop powered by four hands. Megan Fowler and her Breton mother, Gaelle Boling, run their studio together on a rural farm in Hancock County, Georgia.  We are infinitely inspired by the growth, change, and life we see around us. Our work often showcases our connection to food. With an emphasis on quality, touch, and the beautifully simple things in life we strive to produce paper goods that are playful, smart and striking.

Style & Quality

We are inspired by the colors and patterns of the natural world. Megan, the designer for Brown Parcel Press, got her degree in Printmaking & Book Arts from the University of Georgia where she concentrated on woodblock and letterpress printing. We do not send anything out of our studio that we do not feel 100% satisfied with. Beauty & quality is our job and we are beyond passionate about it. 

Why Letterpress?

Letterpress delivers the best results, period. It is a centuries old printing technique that yields a visible impression on the paper. This impression gives printed information a crispness, clarity, and elegance you can't get with digital printing. There is a connection produced with each piece of paper that runs through the press.