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Bronze Leaf

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Sometimes you find the inspiration and sometimes the inspiration finds you— both of our leaf cards are perfect examples of the latter.  One morning after feeding the animals I bent down to turn off the water at our well and there were two small leaf clusters just laying there begging for me to appreciate their unassuming beauty. Probably because I’m a mother to two small daughters, I immediately saw their kinship and I like to think of our golden leaf and bronze leaf designs as sisters— bound together by their proximity and season.

Use these cards to reach out to someone you care about, want to get to know better, or have been meaning to reconnect with. They are ready to be messengers of kindness.

  • Letterpress Printed

  • 100% Premium Cotton Paper

  • Blank Interior

  • Gray Fog Colored Envelope

  • Plastic-Free option (see below)

Interested in Less Plastic in Your Life?: Traditionally we’ve offered all of our boxed card sets in a plastic box. We’ve decided to also begin offering a plastic free packaging option, and we now have our card sets available wrapped in cotton fabric instead of plastic. Just enter “cotton wrapping” or “less waste” at checkout if you’re interested in going the non-plastic route. Thanks!

Envelope Color: