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Ginkgo Napkin Set

Sale price$28.00

We can't seem to take a walk outside without gathering one or two of nature's offerings to bring back inside with us and place on the shelf or at the table. These ginkgo napkins are a nod to that natural lift we get when being outside. This set comes in either natural or moss yellow. Choose from a set of 2 or a set of 4.

About: Linen feels both elegant and uncomplicated, and we have learned that it is often the simple pleasures in life that carry the greatest impact in our days. We created our collection of 100% linen home goods to strike that delicate balance between form and function, making something special that not only looks lovely but also helps build the narrative of your home. After all, can’t napkins be both utilitarian and feel like one of life’s little luxuries? 

Idea: Now more than ever, we savor and appreciate the time we get with loved ones. Use these napkins to elevate your next shared meal, or gift these when invited. These linens will age just as beautifully as you.