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Wind Blown Leaf Tea Towel - Mixed Set of 2

Sale price$48.00

This mixed set comes with two linen tea towels — one in each color of our leaf line pattern. Whether they are dancing on a branch or swirling across the ground on a breeze there is a lyrical quality to leaves that we love. We hope this minimal illustration will inspire you to notice the inherent movement in leaves the next time you're outside. 

About: Linen feels both elegant and uncomplicated, and we have learned that it is often the simple pleasures in life that carry the greatest impact in our days. We created our collection of 100% linen home goods to strike that delicate balance between form and function, making something special that not only looks lovely but also helps build the narrative of your home. After all, can’t tea towels be both utilitarian and feel like one of life’s little luxuries? 

Idea: We find ourselves reaching for linen tea towels throughout the day, after hand washing, wrapping them around warm bread, or throwing them over our shoulder for chopping, sautéing, & stirring. You can also use them as a housewarming gift or wrapped around a loaf of bread for a neighbor. These linens will age just as beautifully as you.