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Custom Order for Jamie: 2020 Calendar: Spring After Winter

Sale price$3,870.00

This is a custom order for Jamie.

Spring After Winter is our limited edition 2020 letterpress calendar inspired by our life on the farm where we live and work. All 13 prints in Spring After Winter  have been run through the press by our hands-- a total of 38 times for each calendar!!!

  • Dimensions 6” x 9”

  • Printed on Sustainable 100% Cotton Paper

  • Orders Ship in 1-3 business days

  • Ships in a Protective Sleeve

  • Display Suggestions: This is one of our number one asked questions… so, we answered it by creating a custom wooden stand that can be used to hold small prints or photos long after 2020 is gone. For other display ideas— take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration.

  • Bulk Discount: Want to get the calendar for clients or all of your friends? We do offer discounts on orders of 10 or more calendars- please email us at for more information. 

The Inspiration for this year’s calendar:

This marks the 10th year that we’ve created a garden desk calendar. Each year, before we begin designing, a few butterflies appear in our stomach, and we wonder: will we still be able to create something beautiful, meaningful, and different— like at a certain point won’t we have said all we need to say about fruits, vegetables, and flowers?! But then we’re reminded that even if we see the same plants, animals, and seasonal shifts year after year, we never tire of it, in fact we lean in closer. We look harder, hoping to find something we never noticed, and what we find is that the discovery and the beauty is always there it’s up to us to see it.

The theme for this year was pulled from a Rachel Carson quote (that we’re including as a small card with each calendar): “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

These lovely words are just the reminder of hope that we need: Spring follows Winter just like light follows dark. We can hold on to these words and these prints on both the light and dark days and know that it’s all a part of the cycle of our seasons and our lives. Thank you for your support and for allowing us to be a small part of your Spring, your Winter, and everything in between!