Cat Naps Bookmark Set


A bookmark set featuring our favorite 'Cat Naps!'. These letterpress bookmarks are perfect for tucking into your favorite reads or sharing with your fellow book club members! The sets includes one of each of the following bookmark designs: Tabby Twins, Calico, Simple Siamese, Grey Tuxedo, Siamese in a Box, and Orange Tabby.

Cats are companions, entertainers, & therapists, all at the same time. At Brown Parcel Press we are true cat ladies, so it only felt right to create a series of bookmarks honoring cats doing what they do best... sleeping!

In this 'Cat Nap' bookmark collection, there are cats & kittens in a myriad of colors, patterns, & positions to accompany you through the pages of your next favorite book. 
  • Letterpress Printed Bookmarks

  • Set of 6

  • 100% Premium Cotton Paper

Interested in Less Plastic in Your Life?: Just enter “cotton wrapping” or “less waste” at checkout if you’re interested in going the non-plastic route. Thanks!

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