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Honeybee Print

Sale price$14.00

I have a very humble friend named Mary. She is a beautiful human being who has raised four intelligent, thoughtful children, has biked across the United States while stopping along the way to help build affordable housing for those in need, and did I mention she's a fantastic bee keeper? This is the second print in our Natural Curiosity series, and it is dedicated to Miss Mary.

The series is a collection of prints that pays tribute to those life forms (animal and plant) that we wish we could have under our magnifying glass or preserved on our wall to admire its intricate beauty and purpose. This print has a letterpress illustration of the Honeybee with both its common and scientific name printed below. Also available in our Discoverer's Collection.

Little Known Fact: Honeybees have hair on their eyes, and they never sleep!

  • 5" x 7"
  • Letterpress Printed
  • 100% Pure Cotton Soft White Cover Paper
  • Beautiful framed on a wall or propped up on a mantle or desk