Speckled Egg Print


What a discovery it is to find a bird's nest with unhatched eggs, or, later in spring, pieces of a speckled egg shell in the grass. It is an invitation to witness the mysteries of life in action all around us. Eggs have captured our hearts, and we love to celebrate their purpose and beauty. In this print we have fun playing with scale, turning small, bird eggs into larger-than-life size, so that we can enjoy their delicate colors and speckles. 

  • 12" x  17"
  • Letterpress Printed on 100% Cotton Paper
  • Printed on a printing press in our rural studio on a farm in Hancock County, Georgia
  • Ships in a Tube to Protect it from Damaged Corners

Display Suggestion: This print pairs well with our 9" Wooden Frame. Available in natural oak and walnut, these magnetic wooden frames are a beautiful, simple, and effortless way to hang art and photos.

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