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Straw Hat + Gardening Gloves Set

Sale price$22.00

We hang our gardening hat on the wall in our bedroom because its simple straw beauty reminds us of how we feel when we wear it: purposeful and connected to something larger than ourselves. Tending to plants and helping things grow is one of our greatest joys, so why not honor the uniform that protects us doing something we love? This illustration is printed in a hand mixed yellow, that has hints of brown and orange to soften the color and make it feel like the broken-in yellow leather gardening gloves my dad used to wear. Also available as a part of our garden collection here.

  • A2 Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"
  • 100% Cotton Soft White Cover Paper
  • Letterpress Printed
  • Blank Interior
  • Kraft Envelopes