Team Spaghetti Print


This print is our ode to SPAGHETTI! What is not to love about spaghetti?!?! It's easy to whip up, it's delicious plain, or gussied up with cheese, sauces, veggies, meat. And it's perfect for 1 or a crowd of 100! We have spaghetti once a week in our house. It is all my oldest daughter would eat if she could get away with it. Spaghetti may just be the queen of all comfort foods, and that's why we're TEAM SPAGHETTI 😉

  • this print is letterpress printed on handmade deckled paper, it's gorgeous
  • dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • easy-to-display: use one of our print clips, some cute washi tape, or elevate those lovely deckled edges by floating it in a frame

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