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The Wonder Print

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A letterpress print for parents who have felt a powerful sense of wonder while watching their child sleep. My hope is that this print can stay in a place where you walk past it daily. Not so that you read it all the time, but so that it can be this small reminder on the days where you’re over-scheduled or just going through the motions. Maybe it will gently grab you and hold your attention long enough to remember that what we’re witnessing each day is nothing short of a miracle, and this day will pass just like yesterday and will nudge you to lean in to the “wonder of it all”.

  • printed on deckled edge, handmade paper (this paper is gorgeous!)
  • available in blush or soft white
  • 5.5" x 8"
  • printed by a mother and daughter :)


On The Print: "Watching your child sleep is transformative. Peace from head to toes. Their forehead smooth, not yet creased with future responsibilities. The squishy folds between arm & elbow. You are watching a flower bloom in slow motion. Their world is you—you are a whole world to someone.

It takes care to bring another human being into the world. It takes care to nurture & sustain that new life force. A new kind of focus emerges, purposeful, exhausted—a new identity edges you into a space where you cannot think of yourself without this child. Of the gifts that they bring with them, unlearning might be one of the greatest. They ask you to unlearn those lessons you fought so hard to claim for yourself as a young adult. They call you to step back into that 'not knowing'. They invite you to remember what the world looks like with new senses. Everything unknown. Patience, patience.

Your child sleeping steals you a moment of time to look on with wonder. To wonder how it is that they are here in your care. To wonder who it is that they might become. To wonder at the wonder of it all."

The Wonder Print
The Wonder Print Sale price$24.00