DIY Suminagashi Card Set


For those of you looking for the best DIY craft that's great for the long cold winter days ahead, this is for you! We created our very own DIY Suminagashi Card Set!

Suminagashi, a Japanese water marbling technique, is one of our very favorite relaxing, fun and low-key hobbies. We do it around the studio after a long day, or with our kids on slow mornings inside (yes, I do this project with my 5 year old)! There's very little set up and clean up and the results truly feel like magic— plus you can send your creation to friends and family or even turn it into the cover for a small notebook.

In this kit you'll receive:

  • Set of 8 blank A2 cards and envelopes

  • 2 Sumi brushes

  • 1 bottle of black sumi ink

  • Instructional postcard

We have a new Tutorial Video! You can also read our DIY Guide and watch our IGTV class to get inspired! 

    Note: The cards and envelopes are 100% cotton paper. It’s very absorbent and the card stock comes pre-creased (also, tray not included).

    SAFETY WARNING: Sumi Ink is dangerous if ingested so please keep away from children unless supervised!

    • Dimensions 6” x 9”

    • This Year's Cover is a Framable Letterpress Print

    • Handmade on a Farm in Rural Georgia

    • Made by Brown Parcel Press, a women owned, small business.

    • Printed on Sustainable 100% Cotton Paper

    • Ships in a Protective Sleeve

    • Pre-Orders will Ship in early November

    How do I display my calendar?

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