Brown Parcel Press

Everything but Gaëlle’s Farm Kitchen Sink


Brown Parcel Press printer (& Megan's mom) Gaëlle chose her favorite combination of letterpress goods & linens that she thinks everyone should have on hand for creative homes and delicious meals. This gift collection would be $277 at full retail, so not only are you getting a curated collection of the best from our studio and the chicest French woman we know, you're also getting a deal! What's not to love?!

This set includes: 

ABOUT GREEN THUMB, our limited edition 2022 letterpress garden calendar. Whether your garden is a couple of acres, a couple of house plants, or a couple patches of weeds that the cats are fond of hiding in, our humanity is grounded by that which grows around us. We seek out nature — sending flowers, putting our hands in the dirt, sharing our harvest, or preserving it for a later date. Seeing what is growing, we become inspired to think about what might grow, what will grow. This year’s calendar can serve as a reminder to observe and delight in what grows around you and to know that sharing that beauty cultivates hope.

This item will ship in early November.

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